artist, illustrator and textile designer
Sasha Fortova
More than 8 years in textile design and 12 years in art.

5 year winner of Première Vision in the trendsetter category.

The work was reviewed by WGSN.
own brand
I have chosen a simple and concise Japanese-style cut so that the focus is on the pattern.
My work conveys the idea of how important it is to slow down and catch a moment that may be passed up.
As a result, all my ideas and creative searches came together to create minimalist and bright clothes, which attract attention with their simplicity and aesthetics.
selected works
«LEOPADRE» digital art, 2019
«CHILLING DUDES» digital art, 2022
«HIDE AND SLEEP» digital art, 2022
«NINA» digital art, 2022
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Digital illustration
Developing illustration for social media, articles and media
from €300
Textile design
Designing an illustration or pattern for a garment, taking into account all technological requirements
from €300
work stages
1. Brief
Tell me about the task, the brand and its style, the location of the artwork. I can develop an illustration or pattern for the garment.
It would be helpful if you have a moodboard or a Pinterest board.
We can call at zoom if needed, but a written brief from you is important.
2. Moodboard
I create a moodboard with 2-3 options for developing the print. You choose which direction you like best.
3. Sketch
Based on the chosen moodboard, I create a sketch (collage) of the future print in 2 variations. Collect comments and ideas.
4. Draft
I draw part of the pattern in the final technique, and we approve it.
5. Finishing touch
In the last step, I assemble the entire print into one pattern, make 2 color variations and send you the result of the work..
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